9 Day Masai Mara, Ol Pejeta, Samburu & Amboseli Fly-in Safari


This 9-day fly-in safari that will take you on a remarkable journey through four of Kenya’s most iconic national parks – Ol Pejeta Conservancy, Samburu, Masai Mara, and Amboseli. Designed to maximize your wildlife viewing opportunities, this meticulously planned itinerary includes four scenic flights to swiftly transport you to each park, allowing for more time to immerse yourself in the natural wonders of Kenya.

Your adventure begins with a seamless pick-up from your hotel, residence, or the international airport, followed by a quick transfer to Nairobi’s Wilson Airport. From there, a 90-minute flight will whisk you away to the vast expanses of Samburu National Park, where you will be greeted by your driver/guide in a private open-sided 4 x 4 Land Cruiser Jeep for your first exhilarating game drive.

Experience the untamed beauty of Samburu, home to a myriad of wildlife, including the revered “Big Five,” amidst a tranquil and unspoiled setting. Delve into the local culture by visiting a Samburu village and discovering the unique way of life of its indigenous people, closely related to the Maasai.

Next, journey to Ol Pejeta Conservancy, a private refuge renowned for its conservation efforts in protecting endangered species such as black rhinos and chimpanzees. Explore the Sweetwaters Chimpanzee Sanctuary and witness over 40 orphaned and rehabilitated chimps thriving in their natural habitat.

Transitioning to the legendary Masai Mara, a scenic flight will lead you to Kenya’s premier wildlife reserve, where you will encounter numerous prides of lions, cheetahs, and witness the awe-inspiring Great Migration phenomenon. Enjoy game drives across the park’s rolling hills and golden savannahs, teeming with a diverse array of wildlife species.

Your adventure continues as you fly to Amboseli National Park, situated near the majestic Mt. Kilimanjaro. Experience close encounters with free-ranging elephants against the backdrop of Africa’s highest peak, creating a picturesque setting for unforgettable wildlife sightings.

After nine days of immersive game drives and safari experiences, conclude your journey with a scenic flight back to Wilson Airport in Nairobi, filled with lasting memories of the incredible wildlife encounters and unique landscapes of Kenya’s finest parks.


Day 1: Fly to Samburu National Park

Your Masai Mara Holidays driver will come by your hotel, residence, or place of your choice for the quick trip to Wilson Airport, and your 8:30 am. flight. Settle into your seat for the easy 90-minute trip to Samburu Park.

From the air, take in the fields and homesteads and look for the imposing form of Mt. Kenya, the country’s tallest peak.

You’ll lightly touch down at a convenient airstrip where your driver/guide will greet you and load up your bags into a private, open-sided 4 x 4 Land Cruiser Jeep for the quick ride to the park.

We check in accommodation for relaxation followed by lunch. We later depart for our first game drive in the Mara; expect to see various wildlife species to include: giant elephants, hippopotamus, lions, leopards, cheetahs, giraffes and so many more. We return to the accommodation by in time for dinner.

Our Accommodation options for this 9 Day safari depend on your package type preference, We are happy to recommend top notch lodge/ Camp options upon inquiry

Day 2: Full-Day at Samburu

We’ll rise early to enjoy the soft morning light bringing the park to life. We’re looking forward to a full day of game drives so talk with your driver/guide about how you’d like to plan your time. You can stay out in the field all day or come back to your accommodation for a little downtime to rest. The choice is yours.

We’ll be tracking for elephants, lions, cheetahs, buffalo, and all the other big game that fill this big park. But Samburu is also known for its collection of rare and unusual species like the reticulated giraffe, Somali ostrich, Grevy’s zebra, and Beisa oryx.

We can also explore outside the park at the nearby Shaba and Buffalo Springs Reserves to take in their green fields for a different kind of game drive.

Day 3: Samburu – Ol Pejeta by Road Drive (3 Hour Drive)

We’ll be up early to catch this peaceful park at a particularly peaceful time. Then it’s breakfast and another game drive as we exit on our way to Ol Pejeta Conservancy.

The trip is a quick one and takes us to the cooler areas of Mt. Kenya and Laikipia.

Ol Pejeta is an incredibly diverse park – not only home to all the biggest game but also a sanctuary for rhinos and chimps.

At the Sweetwaters Sanctuary, orphaned and injured chimps are nursed back to health. It’s the only place in Kenya where you’ll see these playful, intelligent creatures in a natural setting.

We’ll also visit the black rhino enclosure, a large open space dedicated to protecting the largest population – over one hundred – of the endangered and shy creatures.

Day 4: Full Day at Ol Pejeta

Just like at Samburu, we’ve designed this safari for you to enjoy full days at the parks. Go on as many game drives as you wish or take time to relax at your accommodation.

There’s an active variety of wildlife at Ol Pejeta with the big cats and other large species, but we’ll also be looking for impala, giraffe, baboon, jackal, foxes, and hyena. Not often seen in other parks, we may spot endangered African wild dogs so we’ll be tracking for them as well.

Because the park is private there are several unique activities available here such as nighttime and bicycle safaris. Talk with your guide about taking part in these unusual adventures.

Day 5: Ol Pejeta – Masai Mara (1 Hour Flight)

By now you know the safari routine: up early to take in the new day and the emerging light upon the park and its wildlife. It’s also a great time for an easy game drive in a setting you’re getting familiar with.

We’ll then breakfast and take a final drive through the park to the nearby airstrip where your flight to the Masai Mara awaits. At 10:30 am, after goodbyes with your guide, you’ll take off on the scenic one-hour hop to the Mara lands.

Touching down near the park you’ll meet your second Masai Mara Holidays guide who will be waiting with an open-sided 4 x 4 Land Cruiser. Jump in and we’re off to perhaps the most famous wildlife park in the world.

The park will open up before you as a great region of sprawling savannahs and rolling hills, adorned with distinctive acacia trees and over 95 species of mammals.

Indeed, the Masai Mara boasts the densest concentration of wildlife in the region.

Famous for its prides of lions, as well as cheetahs and night prowling leopards, this great park impresses everyone who journeys over its deep and colorful horizons.

Over the next three days, we’ll go on unlimited game drives and discover elephant, rhino, buffalo, giraffe, zebra, antelope, and uncountable birds filling the skies and the trees.

Day 5: Full Day Masai Mara wildlife Activities (Game Drives)

The next 2 days are spent game viewing in Kenya’s leading Masai Mara National Reserve. We will embark on two game drives; in the morning game drive and the Evening game drive with an option to carry picnic breakfast to spend the entire morning out in the wild. Alternatively, we can choose head out early to later return to accommodation for late breakfast and stay for the lunch shortly after which we head back to search for the big five and other wildlife species. Wildlife species in Masai Mara include: the Masai giraffe, baboons, warthogs, Wildebeest, buffaloes, zebras, jackals, spotted hyenas, topi, impala, Hartebeests, nat eared foxes, the crocodiles and hippopotamus of the Mara and Talek Rivers among others
We will have a full day to track the resident wildlife in Masai Mara National Reserve. After the thrilling day of magnificent game viewing in Masai Mara National Reserve, we retire at our accommodation for dinner and overnight stay

Day 6: Full Day Masai Mara wildlife Activities (Game Drives)

This is yet another full day experience in the Mara, early morning after with our breakfast; we will embark on another series of game drives in other conservancies of Maasai Mara. www.masaimaraafrica.com It is guaranteed that wherever you go in the Mara, there is a different scenery and abundant wildlife to include the Masai giraffe, baboons, topis, Zebras, Wildebeest, bat eared foxes, grey jackals, spotted hyenas, hartebeests, buffaloes, hippopotamus, crocodiles, cheetahs, the big five and so much more. After this thrilling day of magnificent wildlife activities in the Masai Mara, we head back to accommodation for dinner and overnight stay.

Day 7: Masai Mara – Amboseli (1 Hour Flight)

Perhaps you’d like to revisit some of your favorite viewing spots like the Mara River. Take advantage of our last morning for some final game drives through the great park.

We’ll enjoy lunch at our Mara accommodation, then it’s time to pack up and head back to the airstrip for the next leg of our journey, the 14:00 hrs. (2:00 pm) flight to Amboseli Park.

You’ll take leave of your second driver/guide as you climb into the plane for the scenic one-hour flight to Amboseli. On the way, you’ll catch sight of the towering flanks of Africa’s largest peak, Mt. Kilimanjaro.

Touching down at our third airstrip, you’ll feel like an experienced explorer as you pull up to your third guide and 4 x 4 Jeep. Pile in and head to your safari lodge or tented camp.

We’ll have time for a game drive before dinner and get a good introduction to the park. Looking toward the southern border, you can’t miss Mt. Kilimanjaro standing guard over Amboseli. It’s the perfect backdrop for the many free-ranging elephants you’ll see on your stay here.

Toward evening look to the great mountain as the clouds shrouding its snowy peak may lift, revealing an iconic vision of Africa.

Day 8: Full-Day at Amboseli

You’ve been on safari for over a week, so you’ve become used to rising with the birds and the wildlife emerging into the new day. Mt. Kilimanjaro is especially beautiful in the morning light and you can soak up the lovely sight while enjoying breakfast.

As at Ol Pejeta and the Masai Mara, you have a full day for game drives and any relaxing time you’d like to schedule in.

But now let’s explore this vibrant park, humming with all the big game like lions as well as giraffe, zebra, warthog, baboon, monkey, and hippos.

A drive up Observation Hill will reward us with beautiful views in all directions. Up here we can leave our 4 x 4 and stretch as we take in the great elephant families marching below and the park’s vast marshlands, spotting pelican, Egyptian goose, and the ostrich.

Day 9: Amboseli – Nairobi (45 Minute Flight)

It’s our last day on safari, so let’s treasure this final early game drive before breakfast. And perhaps a last glimpse at Kilimanjaro from the ground before we head off to the nearby airstrip for our 8:15 am flight back to Nairobi.

We’ll say goodbye to the park and our guide as we board the plane for our short trip back to Wilson Airport.

Upon arrival in Nairobi, we’ll have our Driver/guide waiting for you at the Wilson Airport for onward transfer to your booked Hotel in Nairobi or to the airport for your flight home or consider an extension to the white sand beaches of the Kenyan Coast

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